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Is Social Media a Waste of Time?

Jeff Bullas wrote a great article about social media importance and its reach in different social or personal activities. Some might think that its a complete waste of time, but here are few encouraging facts: 18% of people 50-64 years old use it to connect with others who have similar hobbies 17% use it to … Continue reading

New Application to manage your social presence

With so many social networks sometimes it really difficult to manage time to be active in all. “Are you looking for a better way to manage all of your social accounts? With the growing number of social networks, it can be a pain to keep on top of them all. Below I’ve highlighted three tools to help you … Continue reading

Develop Irresistible Content with this 4-Point Formula

This is a very compelling post on content creation. “If you want to create blog posts, white papers, and even ebooks that clearly communicate your idea and compel your readers to do whatever you ask,  you need to use this little formula. It deals with the four different learning abilities people have, but it’s also … Continue reading

The 7 Roadblocks to Content Curation | Darwin Ecosystem

Via Scoop.it – Social Media Content CurationAll of us have areas of interest and expertise that we wish to continue developing. We want to know everything that is going on in relation to that topic. More importantly, we want to be sure we are not missing anything important.   What differentiates successful professionals is their … Continue reading

Free Social Analytics Platform Lauched by React.com

Free Social Analytics Platform Lauched by React.com.

Free Social Analytics Platform Lauched by React.com

Another new social analytic platform released by React.com. “React.com is a online service which offers Social Analytics to increase customer insights. The launched free service includes single-sign-on and more functionalities, and supports the major social media networks.” React.com connects to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Hyves, Foursquare, Google, Windows Live, Netlog, Yahoo, Myspace. About React.com is a Dutch … Continue reading